Command your squad to seek and destroy in this fast-paced Tactical Arena Shooter. Defend the Homeland as Druidic Eco-Warriors (Roze Blud), or consolidate power as Corporate Mercenaries (NEED). Know your friends, find your enemies, fight until the last drop!


In Development since Summer 2018.


  • Deathmatch: Discover new ways to kill in fast-paced player vs player action! Choose from 9 unique arenas, or customize your own Blud file!
  • Tactical/Stealth: Swap between squad members in real-time to execute your strategy. Use their unique stats and special abilities to corner your foes! Utilize dynamic lighting and hide from your enemies in the shadows. Pick up the night-vision boost to get the upper hand on sneaking rats!
  • Play Online: Cross-play between Mac and PC with Steam. Local play via Dual or split-screen.
  • Retro: Take it all the way back with Digitized Sprites and video-captured actors. Roze Blud is classic Shoot-em-Up action backed by a crisp Synth Soundtrack.





About New Hell Studios

New Hell Studios is a game studio out of Brooklyn. Drew K. runs the show and collaborates with his friends.
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Roze Blud Credits

Drew K.
Dev, Art, Gameplay, Game Design, Concept, Story, Character Styling, VETO Portrayal, Voice Acting, Unlisted Duties
Taylor Shechet
3D Artist
P. Nick Curran
Director of Photography, Character Capture
Material Soul
Mia Anter
Character Styling/SCRAP Portrayal
John O' Riordan
DEEP Portrayal
Pat McNamara
BRASS Portrayal
Elyse Winn
TUFF Portrayal
Erin Lemkey
DEMO Portrayal
Joe Stohlman
Writing, Game Design, QA
Laura Alfisher
Voice Acting, Game Design, QA
Jason Vachula
Graphic Design, Game Design, QA
Mirror Team/Mr. Gadget
Netcode/Netplay Expertise
Danielle Winn